Bergamo By Tuk Tuk chi siamo

The Beauties of Bergamo on Three Wheels: Bergamo by Tuk Tuk, your Italian adventure!

Mirco, Cristina and a brilliant idea

Bergamo by Tuk Tuk was born from Mirco and Cristina‘s passion for small three-wheeled vehicles, which are versatile and irreplaceable especially in many touristic towns with their narrow streets.

Our aim is to offer tourists (and not only them!) a fun and new opportunity to discover the countless beauties of Bergamo, riding a three-wheeled vehicle that has always been a symbol of our Italian creativity: the Ape Calessino, better known in many cities around the world as the Tuk Tuk.

Mirco e Cristina - Bergamo By Tuk Tuk

Silent and eco-friendly: the magic of Bergamo with no emissions!

We are a young and dynamic organisation, aiming at satisfying all tour and excursion needs, offering itineraries and exclusive opportunities. Our headquarters are located in our city: Bergamo, a renowned and prestigious touristic destination that is rapidly expanding, especially after its important nomination, together with Brescia, as Capital of Culture 2023. We can reach any location in Bergamo Alta and Bergamo Bassa, the Upper Town and the Lower Town, in a short time, providing our customers with safe and comfortable electric Tuk Tuks, and with our experience as well.

Silenzioso ed Ecologico: la magia di Bergamo senza emissioni!

Discovering Bergamo on an Ape Calessino

The Ape Calessino is an iconic vehicle produced by the famous Italian company Piaggio. This three-wheeled vehicle, born in the 1950s, has a retro style inspired by the classic cars of that time, but it is now fully electric, ensuring minimal environmental impact and zero emissions. It is fun, it allows you to connect with nature without the noise of an engine, and it gives you the opportunity to enjoy panoramic city tours to the fullest.

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Alla scoperta di Bergamo in Ape calessino


A Bergamo you wouldn't expect

A three-wheeled vehicle, known in Italy as the Ape Calessino, is the ideal solution to forget about traffic, enter the ancient cobbled streets and discover the most hidden, ancient and mysterious corners of the Upper and Lower Town of Bergamo. A true open-air museum awaits you…what are you waiting for?

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