Ape Calessino

Visiting the city on an Ape calessino

What is an Ape Calessino?

The Ape Calessino is an iconic vehicle made by Piaggio, an Italian company famous for the production of light vehicles and scooters. It is a three-wheeled motorbike model that originated in the 1950s, and which is characterised by curved lines and a retro styling, inspired by the classic cars of that time. Originally, this vehicle was used to transport people and small goods, but over the years it has become particularly popular as a touristic vehicle both in Italy and all over the world.

Cos’è un Ape Calessino?

Ideal for visiting the city

Many Italian seaside towns and touristic locations, in fact, use the ape Calessino, which is also called Tuk Tuk, as a means of transport for guided visits or sightseeing tours, due to its picturesque appearance, the fact that it can be manoeuvred in tight spaces with ease, and its ability to attract the attention of tourists due to its particular design.

The vehicle has been updated over the years with more modern versions and technological improvements, but its vintage look and retro aesthetics have remained unchanged, thus maintaining its appeal among vintage vehicle enthusiasts and those who are nostalgic for a classic design.

Ideale per visitare la città

The symbol of freedom of movement

The Ape Calessino represents an icon of the Italian automobile industry, and it continues to be a symbol of style and tradition in the world of three-wheeled vehicles. It was given the name ‘Ape’ (‘Bee’ in Italian) because of its shape, that resembles the body of this insect. This sleek and practical three-wheeled vehicle has been updated to the latest generation and it is Fully Electric, therefore with reduced environmental impact and zero emissions! Extremely fun, it creates contact with nature, without the noise of an engine, and it allows you to enjoy panoramic city tours in complete peace and quiet.

L’icona della libertà di movimento

Discovering Bergamo on an Ape Calessino

Is there a better way to discover the artistic and historical beauty of Bergamo? A great opportunity to visit Bergamo is to be carried by an Ape Calessino!!! Using this vehicle is also ideal to navigate the city traffic, not having to look for a parking space. This is a timeless, eco-friendly revisited vehicle for carrying people in comfort and safety. Tuk Tuk is the name of these motorcars, which entertain tourists (and not only them) who want to see even the most hidden alleys of Bergamo, especially in the Upper Town, and/or to make stops along the city streets, in restaurants, bars, and even for shopping – always accompanied by a local driver who is perfectly familiar with the most hidden and evocative spots of both the Upper Town and Lower Town, and who will reveal and describe the monuments, churches and artworks as you ride through the city.

Bergamo By Tuk Tuk AP1 2063

Itineraries, experiences and a local soul: this is the Bergamo that we want to tell you about!

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