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Bergamo by Tuk Tuk organises Tours of the Upper Town and Lower Town in Bergamo for couples, families and groups of friends/relatives for up to eight people, with an exceptional driver who will be your Cicerone, revealing local curiosities and anecdotes. Below you can learn about the questions, and relative answers, that we are frequently asked about our Tuk Tuk services, tour departure times and locations, how to make a deposit to book a tour, and other useful information.

  • How do I book a Tuk Tuk tour?

    Use the Book button and send us a request by filling out the form in all its fields. We will get back to you as soon as possible giving you information about the price, hourly availability for the requested day, details of the tour you have selected, and types of payment for the booking confirmation deposit. Remember to complete all fields! Thank you

  • What are the departure times for your Tuk Tuk tours?

    Tour departure and arrival times are always arranged in advance, according to your needs and to our availability.

  • What happens if there is bad weather, rain or other adverse events on the day of the tour?

    In our Tuk Tuks you are always sheltered and protected in case of rain or cold weather. They can be completely closed on all four sides by transparent PVC covers, which not only provide shelter but also allow you to enjoy the view.

  • Are the tours shared with other people?

    Generally, the tours are private, as everyone chooses the itinerary they prefer. More people are brought together only in the event of short tours.

  • What are the prices of your Tuk Tuk tours?

    You can find our tour prices online at Any other requests outside our standard tours will be customised.

  • How can I pay?

    We accept cash payments, debit card payments and all major credit/debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Pagobancomat

  • Where do your Tuk Tuk tours start from?

    Our tours start from Bergamo. We assess, however, the feasibility of a possible departure from a different location from our standard meeting point on a case-by-case basis.

  • What should I wear on a Tuk Tuk tour?

    We recommend comfortable casual clothes. Having a windbreaker jacket with you is always good for your heat protection, even though our Tuk Tuks are completely sheltered in case of bad weather.

  • Are dogs allowed on your Tuk Tuks? Up to what weight and/or size?

    For space reasons we only accept small dogs up to 7/8 kg that are well-behaved and not riding on passenger seats, in order to guarantee and protect public hygiene.

Itineraries, experiences and a local soul: this is the Bergamo that we want to tell you about!

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