Visite Guidate a Bergamo con Guida Turistica in Tuk Tuk

Guided Tuk Tuk Tours

Discover the city with us on a TUK TUK

During our Tuk Tuk tours, if you want, your driver will also be your exceptional ‘Cicerone’, telling you some anecdotes about the city where they were born and still live!

Who could be better than a local to take you to the most unexplored and characteristic locations of the place where you are staying? They are not official city guides or tour guides, but they are certainly good ‘Tukers’ and people born and bred here, in love with their city, who will do their best to introduce you to it with passion!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a professional and detailed description of the planned itinerary, we suggest that you expressly request the presence of a qualified and competent person on board, when making your reservation. We will be happy to recommend (and put you in touch with) professional and licensed official city guides we work with, or you could request the presence of a simple tour guide.

Discover the locations we will visit in our tours around Bergamo

Duomo Di Bergamo Colli bergamo Chiesa Santa Grata Via Tre Armi Palazzo Della Ragione Piazza Vecchia