Teatro Donizzetti

Donizetti Theatre

The Donizetti Theatre is a historic opera house located in the centre of the Lower Town of Bergamo. It is named after the Bergamo composer Gaetano Donizetti, famous for his operas.

The official opening took place in 1791, but in 1797 a fire destroyed it completely. The architect Giovanni Francesco Lucchini was then commissioned to redesign the interior of the destroyed theatre. The new opera house was renamed ‘Teatro Nuovo’ – New Theatre –  and later, in 1897, it was renamed ‘Teatro Gaetano Donizetti’, in honour of the composer. During its history, the theatre has undergone several renovations and restoration works.

The building has a neoclassical architectural style, and it was designed to host opera performances, concerts, ballets and other cultural events. The main hall of the Donizetti Theatre is decorated with frescoes, patterned balconies, and a majestic vaulted ceiling.

This theatre is an important venue for opera and musical performances, as well as for competitions and festivals dedicated to Donizetti’s repertoire. It is considered a point of reference for music and theatre enthusiasts, not only from Bergamo, but from other cities as well.

The Donizetti Theatre is a symbol of culture and art, and it continues to offer high-quality performances and to preserve the musical heritage linked to the great composer Gaetano Donizetti. In 2019, in fact, the theatre hosted the first Italian performance of the Bergamo composer’s lost opera.

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