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Venetian Walls

The Venetian Walls of Bergamo were built over a period of 27 years, roughly between 1561 and 1588, for defence purposes, and they have survived to the present day in an excellent state of conservation. Their perimeter is about 6km and it has cliffs of about 50 metres in some places. Its basement also contains a dense ‘network’ of tunnels and mini-tunnels that formed the true backbone of its efficient defence system. To this day, but just as it used to be in the past, the Walls remain the only important access point to enter the heart of the Upper Town, made possible through four ancient monumental gates, of which the most important and frequently used, since ancient times, is certainly the Porta di San Giacomo.

This iconic passage is not only loved by the many tourists who choose Bergamo to visit it, but also by the locals themselves who like to walk along the ancient walls to enjoy their beautiful city from above, and, why not, take a few pictures or selfies. The other gates are the historic Porta Sant’ Agostino, Porta Sant’ Alessandro and Porta San Lorenzo. Bergamo’s Venetian walls are an important system of fortifications surrounding the Upper Town; they are one of the historical symbols of the city, and they represent a significant example of military architecture dating back to the Renaissance period. The construction of Bergamo’s Venetian walls began in the 16th century, during the domination of the Venetian Republic, with the aim of protecting the city from external attacks. The main architect involved in the project was Giovanni Maria Falconetto, who worked also on other important architectural projects in Italy. The Venetian Walls also include defence towers, bastions and footpaths that allow you to take a walk while admiring the view below.

Today, the Venetian walls of Bergamo are a major tourist attraction, and they were recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017 along with other Venetian fortified structures such as those of Palmanova and Peschiera del Garda. In fact, Veneto has several cities with well-preserved historical walls, such as Verona, Padua and Cittadella, among others.

Visitors, walking along the walls, can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Lower Town and the surrounding mountains. The Venetian Walls are also an opportunity to experience the history and architecture of Bergamo, offering an evocative experience to those who are visiting this fascinating Italian city.

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