Sant Agostino Fara

Via della Fara

Via della Fara is an important perimeter street of the Upper Town, and here is where an important symbol of Bergamo stands: the former convent of Sant’Agostino. This ancient church, now deconsecrated, is a scenic and characteristic spot, which makes this particular ‘corner’ very popular with the people of Bergamo and with locals as well, a special destination even today, where tourists and citizens love taking a walk. The church of Sant’Agostino and its surroundings date back to very ancient times. Built around the year 1290, it became an important centre of religious and, above all, cultural studies.

Today the monastery is one of the most important locations of the University of Bergamo, and the former church has become its Aula Magna. In front of the former church there is the Fara meadow, another symbolic place for the people of Bergamo who love taking a walk outside and enjoying the spectacular view of the Lower Town. This entire area has been reclaimed over the years, as, in ancient times, there was a huge hole here, known as the Fara ‘foppone’ (in local dialect we would call it ‘òl fupù’). This hole was a large pit that served as ‘disposal’ for many waste materials that were used or discarded to build and/or demolish houses. It was not until the 1930s that it was filled, thanks to a plan to reclaim the area.

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