How to get to Città Alta Bergamo

How to get to Bergamo Alta: all the ways

Bergamo, a city full of history and charm, is characterised by its dual soul: Città Bassa – the Lower Town, modern and dynamic, and Città Alta – the Upper Town, a medieval jewel that stands on a hill, with a proud magnificence and ancient beauty.

There are several ways to reach Bergamo’s Upper Town, and each one offers a unique and evocative experience.

So, let’s find out how to get to the Upper Town of Bergamo using different means of transport and also by taking a nice walk. Below you will find a list of all the options:

  • Funicular,
  • On foot,
  • Stairs,
  • Bus,
  • Tuk Tuk,
  • Taxi,
  • Tourist Train (ATB),
  • Electric Bus (ATB).

How to get to Città Alta in Bergamo


The funicular is certainly one of the most attractive ways to get to the Upper Town of Bergamo, and it is also the favourite means of transport for tourists. It leaves from the Porta Sant’Alessandro station in the Lower Town, and it arrives directly in the heart of the Upper Town, at Porta San Giacomo.

This is a fast and efficient way of moving, offering passengers the convenience of reaching their final destination effortlessly and with a beautiful view along the way. The journey is short but unforgettable, giving a panoramic preview of what the visitors will find in the Upper Town.

The funicular is an important element in the history of Bergamo, having been inaugurated in 1887 with a steam-powered model that then switched to electricity at the beginning of the following century. At the time, the aim of this form of transport was to stop the depopulation of the Upper Town.

Today, over a century later, it can climb a 52% gradient in just a couple of minutes, allowing groups of up to 50 people to overcome 85 metres of altitude difference. A second funicular takes you even higher, being the one that connects Bergamo’s Upper Town with the Colle di San Vigilio.

Bergamo Funicular

On foot

For those who wish to have an authentic and relaxing experience, there is the possibility of reaching the Upper Town on foot.

Crossing the ancient streets and alleys that climb up the hill, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the magical and evocative atmosphere of this timeless place.


Among the itineraries that can be done on foot, for the more athletic ones and for those wishing to completely immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the people of Bergamo, there is the possibility of climbing the evocative stairways that connect the Lower Town to the Upper Town.

The ‘stairways’ leading up are many, and all of them exciting, as they allow visitors to appreciate the historical architecture and breathtaking views along the way. These footpaths are made up of steps and cobbled alleys, often bordered by drystone walls dating back to another era.

Among the most famous stairways there are Via Salita della Scaletta, the Scaletta Scorlazzone with its 162 steps, the Scaletta della Noca and the Via and Scalinata al Castello.

These paths are a true symbol of the city, to the point that there is a dedicated event called Millegradini – a thousand steps – that takes place in September and invites locals and visitors to experience the city on their own skin and feet, to really discover how many steps there are in Bergamo.

Scaletta Della Noca in Bergamo


For those wondering how to get to the Upper Town of Bergamo from the railway station, there are several bus lines connecting the Lower Town to the Upper Town, offering a convenient and accessible option.

The 1A bus line arrives right at Porta San Giacomo. In addition to the trains that connect it with Milan, Venice and other major cities in northern Italy, another way to get to Bergamo is by bus with the Flixbus company.

Tuk Tuk

Another original and fun way to get to the Upper Town of Bergamo is by Tuk Tuk. Ape Calessino revamped in an electric and completely eco-friendly form, making it possible to enjoy your ride in total relaxation, with breathtaking panoramic views of the Lower Town. A new frontier of ‘made in Bergamo’ sightseeing has begun!

Get to Bergamo Alta With Tuk Tuk Tour

How to get to Bergamo Alta by car

For those who choose to reach Bergamo by car from Milan or from another city in northern Italy, it should be considered that the Upper Town is a restricted traffic zone that only residents can access.

The advice is therefore to find out about the pay car parks in the municipality of Bergamo and choose to park your car near a bus stop, then get on the bus to reach the Upper Town.

How to get to Bergamo Alta from the airport

The Orio al Serio  international airport is connected to Bergamo’s Upper Town by the Airport Bus line, which runs this route every 20 minutes, allowing national and international tourists to quickly reach the city’s main touristic attractions.

Whichever way you choose, reaching Bergamo’s Upper Town is always an unforgettable experience.

With its narrow cobbled alleys, ancient walls and charming squares, the Upper Town enchants and fascinates visitors, taking them back through time and giving them a taste of  Bergamo’s enchanting history and culture.

Itineraries, experiences and a local soul: this is the Bergamo that we want to tell you about!

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