The Vases Trail in Bergamo

The Vases Trail and the Ancient Aqueduct

The ‘Vases Trail’ of Bergamo is a fascinating itinerary that runs through nature, silence and breathtaking landscapes, diving into the evocative atmosphere of the hills right in the heart of the Upper Town of Bergamo.

Walking along this route, the feeling of peace and relaxation you receive from the environment is incredible. Let’s discover this magic together.

The Vases Trail – where is it?

The Vases Trail begins among the ancient cobbled streets of the Upper Town, taking Via Castagneta until it reaches the locality of Gallina. From here the actual path begins, number 912, which enters the area of the Parco dei Colli di Bergamo for 1.8 km and then reaches the ancient fountain located in Via Ramera.

Start of the Vases Trail - Gallina

Start of the Vases Trail – Gallina

If you want, you can also start the itinerary from the opposite side, i.e. from Via Ramera. This is a rather easy route, which can be covered in about 45-60 minutes, since it is almost all flat, with some short sloping sections (52 metres difference in height) and the final staircase leading to the fountain.

It is therefore an earth track suitable for everyone, young and adult, ideal for a Sunday excursion with your family, to enjoy the fresh air of the forest and its nature. Some people also cycle it by mountain bike.

Start of the Vases Trail - Road Sign

Start of the Vases Trail – Road Sign

Here are the GPS Coordinates:

  • Coordinates to take the Vases Trail path 912 in the Gallina locality: 45.714, 9.652
  • Coordinates for entering the car park: 45.711, 9.665

The Vases Trail – things to see

The itinerary of the Vases Trail runs along the northern slope of the Bastia hill in a forest environment, with a predominance of oak trees, a few specimens of English oak, maples and hornbeam.

During our walk, we will pass by the picturesque hilltop villages surrounding the town, where the landscape is transformed into a living painting of cultivated fields, vineyards and centuries-old forests.

Vases Trail - The path

Vases Trail – The path

It is useful to know that in the Middle Ages the forest with its biodiversity was also used to collect stones, timber, fruit – and several local crops were generally made possible and grown precisely because of the abundant presence of water in the area.

The hikes along the panoramic paths through the hills of Bergamo offer spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and of the Alpine peaks that protect the city, providing an unforgettable experience for nature and open-space lovers.

Vases Trail Panorama (Canto Alto and Sorisole)

Vases Trail Panorama (Canto Alto and Sorisole)

The ancient Vases Aqueduct of Bergamo

Along the path, it is possible to admire the remains of the Castagneta or Saliente Aqueduct, better known as the Vases Aqueduct, which originated on the slopes of Mount Bastia, but which was then fed by no less than five different water intake points.

By the way, it is interesting to note that the term ‘Vasi‘ certainly comes from vase, but in this case, it indicated a channel (actually a small gully) arranged for the flow of water and its transport.

It cannot be ruled out, for instance, that the term ‘Invaso‘ derives precisely from this particular conformation that served as a pipe for transporting and directing water.

Interior Aqueduct

Interior Aqueduct

Its origin is thought to date back to Roman times, which is why it is considered the oldest in the city of Bergamo, and it used to be the most important one in the Middle Ages, with documents dating back to 1013 testifying to its use.

The beginning of the aqueduct is located in Via Ramera, where a spring flows into a fountain that is still working. Then, proceeding alongside the Vases Trail, it is possible to observe an old cistern in good condition, while unfortunately much of the aqueduct’s course has been almost completely destroyed.

The ancient Vases Aqueduct of Bergamo - Uschiolo

The ancient Vases Aqueduct of Bergamo – Uschiolo

How to reach the Vases Trail

The starting point of Path 912 – Vases Trail can also be reached on foot from the historic centre of Bergamo’s Upper Town.

Another valid option that we recommend is to drive to the car park opposite number 32 in Via Mairone da Ponte (it is not a large one), park your car there and take the Morla Greenway cycle route as far as Via Castagneta and then reach the Gallina locality.

Vases Trail Final Part

Vases Trail Final Part

What to see nearby

Bergamo is a city rich in history, monuments, parks and touristic attractions, so the entire area around the Vases Trail is full of scenic and historical points of interest.

The main one is undoubtedly the Parco dei Colli di Bergamo, and nearby there are also the Astino Abbey and the Belvedere di San Vigilio – it is also interesting to discover the many small attractions to be found in the hillside hamlets and along the narrow streets leading up from the Upper Town.

Nearby there is also the beautiful walk that takes you from Castagneta, Valmarina and to Monte Bastia.


Credits: All images taken by the Team on site

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