Torre Civica Bergamo

Civic Tower or Campanone

The Civic Tower, known to the people of Bergamo as the ‘Campanone’, is located in the picturesque Piazza Vecchia.

An important symbol of Bergamo, it stands right in the heart of the historic centre. Built in the 12th century and subsequently modified and extended over the centuries, it reaches a height of about 52 metres, with a brick structure and 230 steps inside to reach the top. One of its most distinctive features is the large clock on the side facing Piazza Vecchia, visible from different parts of the Upper Town. During the Venetian domination, the Campanone struck one hundred chimes, signalling that the gates of the city were being closed. Even today, at 10 pm every evening, these one hundred bell chimes are heard throughout the entire city of Bergamo.

The Civic Tower was once the seat of the City’s General Council, and it also served as a lookout and defence tower. It is currently one of the main touristic attractions in Bergamo, allowing visitors to admire the city from above thanks to its panoramic terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of the old city and the valley below.

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