Terre Del Vescovado

Terre del Vescovado – through medieval villages, historic villas and vineyards

The Terre del Vescovado – the Lands of the Bishopric – in Bergamo are a fascinating mosaic of history, food and wine, culture and landscapes stretching across the valleys and hills in the province of Bergamo, in the heart of Lombardy.

These lands, with a millenary tradition and many evocative features, tell stories of ancient medieval villages, majestic Renaissance villas, noble palaces and breathtaking landscapes that captivate the imagination of those who travel through them.

Historical background

The Bishopric territory in Bergamo has a history that is rooted in ancient times, when the Romans founded Bergomum, the ancient Bergamo, an important commercial and military centre along the Via Gallica.

Over the centuries, the city and its territory became a crossroads of cultures and peoples, under the influence of the Lombards, the Franks and the Venetians, who left an unforgettable mark on the architecture, art and local traditions of these lands.

Casello San Marco Terre Del Vescovado

Casello San Marco

Terre del Vescovado – Where are they?

The Terre del Vescovado – Lands of the Bishopric are located just a few kilometres east of the city of Bergamo and include as many as 16 municipalities, ranging from Scanzorosciate to Chiuduno, and embracing, among others, the municipalities of Albano Sant’Alessandro, Seriate, Gorle, Pedrengo, up to Orio al Serio.

The other municipalities that form the mosaic of the Terre del Vescovado are:

  • Bagnatica,
  • Bolgare,
  • Brusaporto,
  • Carobbio degli Angeli,
  • Costa di Mezzate,
  • Gorlago,
  • Montello,
  • San Paolo d’Argon,
  • Torre De’ Roveri.


One of the distinctive features of the Terre del Vescovado in Bergamo is the presence of several medieval villages such as Gorlago and Costa di Mezzate, nestled between the Serio Hills and the valleys, which still retain the atmosphere of the past; these are small jewels of medieval architecture that will take their visitors on a journey through time.

Terre del Vescovado – Things to see

Villages and Churches

Our tour begins in Scanzorosciate, where we can find the ancient 17th-century church of San Pietro a Scanzo. From here, the itinerary continues to the village of Rosciate and then on to Seriate, where the modern church built between 1994 and 2004 by the famous architect Mario Botta in honour of Pope John XXIII is located.

Our tour ends in two of the region’s oldest villages, Gorlago and Costa di Mezzate, which have perfectly preserved historic centres.

The 17th-century Church of San Pietro a Scanzo

The 17th-century Church of San Pietro a Scanzo

Historic villas and buildings

In these small villages, the cultivation of vineyards is an ancient art that is combined with the presence of several castles and ancient noble palaces that add a touch of magic and history. The historic villas scattered over the territory bear witness to the wealth and prestige of the Bergamo nobility, who in the Renaissance and Baroque periods erected sumptuous residences surrounded by luxuriant Italian gardens.

Some examples are the Tenuta Frizzoni in Torre de’ Roveri and the Camozzi Gherardi Vertova Castle located on the San Giovanni hill in the village of Costa di Mezzate, while in the municipality of Chiuduno there is one of the oldest castles in the province of Bergamo.

Castello Camozzi Vertova

Castello Camozzi Vertova

The Moscato di Scanzo vineyards

The Terre del Vescovado are not only to be admired, but also to be experienced and enjoyed, thanks to their many food and wine treasures. Among the salami, jams, artisanal beers and excellent olive oil, the esteemed Moscato di Scanzo wine stands out the most. It originates from the smallest DOCG in Italy: 31 hectares cultivated with passion by a handful of winegrowers who produce a raisin wine – passito – that is appreciated and loved all over the world. The majestic peaks of the Orobian Alps are the background to this enchanting scenery of vineyards and cellars.

Moscato Di Scanzo - Landscape and Vineyards

Moscato Di Scanzo – Landscape and Vineyards

Things to do in the area: Cammino del Vescovado and other itineraries

The Cammino del Vescovado – the Bishopric’s Way – is an important part of the experience of these lands. It is an itinerary that in three days allows you to cross the hills near Bergamo, starting from the heart of the Upper Town to then reach Lake Iseo.

This itinerary is one of the best ways to know and explore the Terre del Vescovado, in all their different aspects and characteristics. This will allow you to visit the villages and the many small churches and sanctuaries located on the hilltops, with amazing panoramic views.

The Terre del Vescovado itineraries in Bergamo offer natural landscapes of extraordinary beauty. The Bergamo valleys, surrounded by the imposing peaks of the Orobian Alps, are a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor activities. Here you can go hiking, climbing, mountain biking and cross-country skiing, immersing yourself in an authentic and wild environment that will offer you unique emotions.

Cammino Del Vescovado

Cammino Del Vescovado

In the Terre del Vescovado, within the municipal territory of Albano Sant’Alessandro, there is also the ASCA Natural Oasis, a lovely green area managed by the local Civil Defence, which since 2007 has used this natural space to allow people to enjoy pleasant walks, with footpaths running between spring water pools and aviaries for birds.

In addition to that, there is Bergamo’s cuisine, another important reason to visit these lands. From alpine cheeses to typical cured meats, from traditional peasant dishes to the delicacies of gourmet cuisine, every bite is a journey to discover the authentic flavours of this generous and welcoming land.

For further information, visit the Terre del Vescovado official website.

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