Hiking from Via Castagneta to Valmarina

Hidden among the creases of the Bergamo hills, the path from Castagneta to Valmarina offers an enchanting experience that combines natural beauty with the region’s rich historical heritage, which is well represented by the former Monastery of Valmarina.

Located close to Bergamo, this itinerary is the perfect opportunity to experience the tranquillity of the foothills, and to discover hidden treasures along its path.

The path to Valmarina

The 18-km loop itinerary starts from Via Castagneta in Bergamo, where we take the Green Way del Morla cycle path in the direction of the Benedictine Monastery of Valmarina, following the trails that run through the countryside of the Bergamo province.

Some highlights of the itinerary are Via Ramera, Colle Roccolone and the Quisa cycle-pedestrian path, which runs through some sections of forest, following the signs for path 910 towards Laghetto di Gres.

In some sections, this itinerary blends with the Vases Trail, and it will give you the opportunity to admire several small churches and shrines of historical and religious interest.


Valmarina – Picture of the former Monastery taken from primabergamo.it

What to see in Castagneta and Valmarina

This hike gives you the opportunity to experience an enchanting landscape, winding through and embracing the Parco dei Colli – Colli Park in Bergamo. Among the countryside and forests, you will also see several places of interest such as the remains of the ancient Vases Aqueduct, which centuries ago used to supply water to the Upper Town of Bergamo.

It is also possible to see Villa Agliardi and the Sanctuary of Sombreno, which are located in the municipality of Sombreno, and the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Castagna, located on Colle Roccolone.

However, the most important historical and cultural building is undoubtedly the Monastery of Valmarina.

Benedictine Monastery of Valmarina

Benedictine Monastery of Valmarina – Parco dei Colli Site – Picture taken from bergamodascoprire.it

Benedictine Monastery of Valmarina in Bergamo

The former Benedictine Monastery of Valmarina is located in an open meadow surrounded by woods and vineyards. The origins of this building date back to the year 1153, when it was built to house a small community of Benedictine nuns.

The nuns’ life was helped by the presence of a stream flowing near the monastery, which was cleverly channelled in order to be used as a resource for monastic life.

However, the monastery had already been abandoned by the end of the 15th century and converted into a farmstead, but it still retains certain parts of the classic structure of Benedictine life, such as the refectory, the chapter house and the Romanesque church.

In the 18th century, several sections and rooms were added in order to create the enclosed courtyard that we can admire today. The former monastery was recently renovated and since 1997 it has served as the headquarters of the Park Management Authority of the Colli Park – Parco dei Colli.

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Credits: Some images taken from the websites primabergamo.it and bergamodascoprire.it

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